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CORD garage doors have been designed to work manually or electrically operated. We offer products from all the leading manufacturers and can offer advice and recommendations where required. All the products we provide will give you reliability, efficiency and safety.

Cord Door Systems provide a full range of domestic garage doors, with no job too big, too small or too complex:

  • Sectional Garage Doors

  • Roller doors

  • Up and over doors

  • Side Hinged Garage Doors

Various options on box, guide and slat size depending on the size and requirement of your door.

Aluminium Boxes ranging from 205-360mm 
Guide channels ranging from 53mm - 100mm 
Slats ranging from 50mm - 78mm

Roller doors

Roller doors are a great solution when space is an issue in your garage or on your drive. Roller Garage doors are mounted on tracks that run up the side of the door. The door rolls up into a neat compact box at the top, keeping the mechanical parts free from dust. Also, providing protection against finger trapping. If you have a short driveway, a roller shutter door could be your perfect solution as you can park right up to the door without causing any obstructions to how the door operates. Our electric roller doors are installed with a space saving tubular motor as well as a remote control and built-in safety features. Roller doors offer great security with a built in auto-locking system. There are no handles or locks for any potential thieves to attack.

  • Fully insulated

  • Space Saving

  • High Level of Security

  • Durable and Long-Lasting

  • Electric or manual

  • Fully sealed against the elements

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