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An industrial door is largely found factories and warehouses. It is a robust and reliable option with security, reliability and safety tried and tested over the years. Manufactured using the highest quality materials. Manual and electric options available. A choice of motor design and manufacturer available to suit the particular requirement and intended use. Use our extended knowledge and experience for advice and recommendations. 

Insulated options are available where energy saving is required, also giving great protection against noise. The insulated options can also be equipped with high speed motors to further the saving on heat loss.

high speed doors

High speed doors provide a great solution for thermal efficiency. Improving productivity, controlling temperatures and reducing heat loss. Energy bills will be massively reduced and the cost of the door will pay for itself within no time. Various options available to operate the door such as radar and induction loops. All our doors come as standard with safety edges and photocells, light curtains can also be installed. Specifications and testing certificates available on request.

The PVC  curtain sections are manufactured separately making it easy to repair. Wind class ratings up to 5 makes our door the ideal choice for an external door. Each door comes as standard with a clear PVC window increasing safety where vehicles are being used such as fork trucks.

Industrial sectional doors

The perfect overhead door for commercial buildings – tailor made and delivered on time, precisely what CORD Door Systems can offer.

CORD sectional doors have made commercial buildings throughout the UK safer and more attractive. We offer custom made-products and can match all modern cladding designs. Sectional doors provide optimum insulation and security. We have a huge choice of track assemblies to suit your building and individual requirements. Get in touch for more information and we'll be happy to help

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