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In recent years’ fire protection has become priority in a workplace across the country. In 2015/16, there were over 300 fire related fatalities and 7,661 casualties in fires. 

CORD Door Systems' Fire Shutters comply to the United Kingdom's strict health and safety legislation in relation to fire. 

Bespoke options available to suit your individual requirements. We can also offer manually operated fire shutters where a power supply is unavailable using a fusible link design. Audio-visual warning panels are used to alert people in close proximity on receipt of a fire alarm or mains failure. We also have the ability to programme the door to close following a customization delay to help prevent the spread of fire.

Various options available on lath sizes to suit each application and provide an aesthetically pleasing shutter. Ideal for kitchen servery shutters. Used widely to protect commercial properties and schools. 

CORD door systems also offer fire curtains.

A fire curtain is a specially constructed curtain that descends from the ceiling to block an opening and stop fire and smoke spreading between two areas. In large area's, several fire curtains can be used which divide the building into 'fire compartments' when there is a fire.

FIRE curtains

Fire and smoke curtains are the leading edge in fire containment and protection, helping prevent the spread of fire and provide clear escape routes for personnel. 

In the event of fire, fail-safe curtains deploy automatically to reduce the spread of fire across the building, crucially allowing more time for safe evacuation. 

Cord Door Systems can supply and fit smoke curtains with: 

  • Up to 4 hours integrity 

  • Radiant Heat Protection

  • Variable corner angles to form non-rectangular shapes

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